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Forgot to mention in the video that you can undo mistakes by pressing Ctrl+z…

Begin Video Transcript.
Click file, import, then Mikumuikudance model (pmx) (pmd).

Go to the folder where you have the edited model saved and try to open the pmx version.

Sometimes there will be an error when trying to open a model. That is why you

saved two versions, in case one fails.

It will open in the Object Mode view.

Right clicking on the mesh will select it. It now has an yellow outline.

Click Object Mode and select Edit Mode.

These next two steps are important for everytime you import an mmd model.

If the whole mesh is orange, that means everything is selected.

Pressing the "A" key while in this window will deselect/select everything.
Press "A" key to deselect everything.

Then go to select and choose Loose Geometry. Any loose vertices will show up as

orange. Press the delete key and choose vertices in the menu.

Next, press the "A" key again to select everything once more.
Go to Mesh, Vertices, them choose Remove Doubles.

The mesh is now ready to work on.

Go to Object mode and zoom in on the chest area. You will notice where the two materials seperate.

Go back to Edit Mode and select a vertice along the edge. Click view, then choose "View Selected" to zoom in on the vertice. Then shift+click the vertice to which it will be joined.

If you have trouble selecting the two vertices, then click on the Bounding Box option to bring up wire frame mode.

Click Merge on the left toolbar. The three options you will find useful are At

first, at last, and at center. Since the two meshes are fairly close, we will choose At Center.

When you merge the two vertices, the tool information will appear at the bottom of the left toolbar. Make sure the UV box is not checked. If it is checked, then the UV maps will be merged like pmd editor does when vertices are joined. We do not want that.

Join all the loose vertices along both top and bottom edges.

I will skip ahead a bit. When all vertices are joined, go back to Object Mode. Look around the model to spot any unjoined areas.

You now have a joined base model.

If you wish to export the model as is, then make sure the mesh is selected in Object Mode.

Then click File, Export, then Mikumikudance model (pmd).
Choose the directory where the original is saved.

I choose pmd because there are less problems when exporting as pmd. However, sometimes you will have to export as pmx when exporting pmd fails.
End Video Transcript.
bobbeebs Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013
The final upcoming tutorial should cover making the nipples and vagina using the KNIFE tool.
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